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Friday, August 11, 2017

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Under the Journeying Together programme, the first cluster of three mission communities and a Hub community were established in Western Zambia with the goal of better responding to the most urgent needs of the world. Over the last year, the 18 Brothers and 15 volunteers in the Western Zambia cluster have engaged with these communities and built meaningful relationships with the local people through compassionate presence.

This past June, the Western Zambia cluster held an Advocacy Workshop at the Pastoral Centre. The goal of the workshop was to empower the local people with knowledge and skills needed to become involved in human rights and advocacy within the local context of Western Zambia. Over 60 Edmund Rice people from the communities of Limulunga, Luampa and Senanga participated in the session, which was facilitated by Kevin Mullan from Edmund Rice International and Jessica Dewhurst, Sarah Child and Kayla Brittan from Edmund Rice Justice Desk South Africa.

Over the four-day workshop, the participants received an overview of advocacy and human rights issues and learned about the current work of Edmund Rice International and the Edmund Rice Justice Desk, the United Nations mechanisms and the Zambia-United Nations Sustainable Development Partnership. On the final day, the groups from each community prepared advocacy plans, which were shared with everyone. These groups will continue to meet to work on the implementation of the advocacy plans over the coming year.

This workshop was a success and a great way to give participants an opportunity to share experiences, discuss issues that were affecting them and explore potential ways of collaborating on advocacy plans in the future. It also helped strengthen the links between human rights work at the local, national and international levels within the wider Edmund Rice network.

Pictured Above: Advocacy Workshop in action at the Pastoral Centre in Limulunga, Western Zambia


(Adapted from Edmund Rice International June newsletter and the TST July bulletin)

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