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St Paul’s Training Centre

St Paul’s Training Centre is a not-for-profit founded by the Christian Brothers in 1981, with the practical aims of empowering disadvantaged youths of both genders who are not able to progress with their academic studies with life skills.

The Centre provides skills development in engineering-related studies such as Metal Fabrication and Welding, Carpentry and Joinery, Automotive Mechanics, and Entrepreneurship skills, which enable young people to find employment and start their own small businesses.

The Centre was closed briefly in 2009 in order to facilitate extensive refurbishment of the property as well as to replace out-dated equipment. It was reopened in January 2010 under new management with Marie Kalembi as the principal.

The management team, staff, and management board of the institution are particularly visionary and motivated. The mere fact that a key institution of service to the community has revived, is an inspiration to many. For the staff members it is a source of employment to whose sustainability they are committed.