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Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School

Last year, a group of students and teachers from St. Aidan’s CBS in Dublin, went on Immersion to the Sinon Secondary School in Arusha, Tanzania.

While there, they immersed themselves in the culture, spending a few days studying in class with the local students.

For the past few years Sinon has been offering funding support to about 17% of students in forms 1 to 4 who come from poor families. More recently three students in forms 5 and 6 are now also being supported (where traditionally they would not have been eligible). Students with strong academic records but whose families cannot afford the fees are now also able to apply for support.

The students of St. Aidan’s made a collective decision after spending time at the school, to ask that all of their fundraising proceeds go directly to supporting the students at Sinon. St. Aidan’s now supports 21 students (13 boarders and 8 day students) at the school. After sharing such wonderful and important time with their Tanzanian peers, it was important to them that they support their new friends towards achieving their full potential.

We see the success of this type of support in the number of children who are being helped to remain in school. Without it many of the students would not reach their goal of completing their high school education and thus be given the opportunity to proceed on to tertiary institutions in the same way as their Irish friends.

Sinon continues to work hard in seeking alternative funding and involving the larger education community to support needy students, but the relationship between the Tanzanian students and those that visit each year from St. Aidan’s means a lot.

We wish St. Aidan’s all the best as they prepare for their next immersion trip to East Africa. Thanks to all the students, staff and wider community at St. Aidan’s for their continued support.