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Defensoría Edmundo Rice

Defensoría Edmundo Rice (DER) is a non-governmental organisation committed to the defense and promotion of human rights. DER works internationally, in collaboration with other organisations of similar interests, in causes that involve the violation of the rights of children and adolescents as well as the care of the environment.

The main task of DER is to influence and encourage agents of change in the Latin American Region, including governments, political authorities and international leaders, to seek solutions to the problems that affect the lives of the most vulnerable by integrating the issues of human rights violations into the agenda of the international community at the United Nations.

This project provides training in advocacy to members of the Edmund Rice Schools in Latin America, and also coordinates activities and campaigns at the regional level working to empower the most marginalised in the communities.

Defensoria Edmundo Rice workshop with primary school students
Defensoria Edmundo Rice workshop with primary school students