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Committed to impacting positively on the lives of people made poor


Edmund Rice Development provides donor funding, development and capacity-building support to over 44 partner projects in 13 countries across Africa, India and Latin America. We are dedicated to the liberation of people and communities from poverty and injustice.

Participant in the Ruben Centre's income-generating activities, Kenya


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ERD IMPACT 10 commemorates 10 years of ERD’s support of Edmund Rice Mission by highlighting the impact of the work of our partner projects. ERD works closely with our partner projects on the ground in developing countries to invest in young people, empower women and collaborate with local communities.
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Journeying Together

Country: Zambia  Focus Area(s): Community Engagement
In 2016 a cluster of new Edmund Rice Mission communities was established in Western Zambia, an area with immense social problems, where three out of every four people live in extreme poverty. There, 18 Brothers and...
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The Journeying Together team in Luampa held a fun day for local children who were not attending school. Over 350 children came to the fun day - their presence indicating a large population of children without access to education. This was the first time the children held skipping ropes and played with real footballs.
Students attending the Centro Hermano Manolo in Cochabamba

Cochabamba Youth Programme

Country: Bolivia  Focus Area(s): Community Engagement
The Cochabamba Youth Programme is a front line response to disadvantaged and marginalised youth in this central Bolivian city of over 1 million people. Though Cochabamba is known as one of Bolivia’s most economically and socially...
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Kanvilli Junior and Secondary School

Country: Ghana  Focus Area(s): Education
Kanvilli Junior & Senior Secondary School is one of the many Catholic schools in Tamale, Northern Ghana. Over the years, the school had been poorly managed and was badly rundown. It was handed over to the...
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Students attend St. Vincent's Technical School

St. Vincent’s Technical School

Country: India  Focus Area(s): Education
St. Vincent’s Technical School is a technical school which offers skills training to over 200 students. It is an end school for the majority of students as they enter the workplace after they finish their training....
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Nai Disha

Country: India  Focus Area(s): Education
In August 2002, St. Patrick’s Secondary School in Asansol, India founded Nai Disha, a new school for the poverty-stricken children of the community. Just over 10 years on, Nai Disha has 50 children enrolled in school...
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National Institute for Open Schooling

Country: India  Focus Area(s): Advocacy and Human Rights
The National Institute for Open Schooling in India provides an exam equivalent to the pre-university level (or year 12) to children who, for various reasons were not able to continue their education in regular schools. There...
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