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Nicole's Internship Experience at ERD

Posted on 05 March 2018

Edmund Rice Development was delighted to host first-year Marino student Nicole Andrews for a weeklong internship this past February. The week was packed with activities. Nicole assisted our programme team in researching new funders, received a tour of the Edmund Rice House by Br. Donal, and was able to visit the O’Connell’s Boys Primary school and meet their principal Patsy O’Keefe, all while gaining professional experience. 

In her own words:
I was given a list of donors to research to see if Edmund Rice Development and its partner projects met the criteria of the donor requirements. On Monday, there were 30 names on the spreadsheet. By Friday, there were 100. I checked the programmes that needed funding and added notes into the spreadsheet of what donor I thought would be a good fit. I think that the work I was doing over the five days was very useful for the organisation because they can now easily search donors and have their contact details, the areas that they fund and a link to their website all on one page. I found looking up the different websites very interesting as I was able to research areas in which I had an interest, including women's rights, child education and equality, while also learning about new donors and foundations that actively respond to poverty, inequality and injustice.

I learned a lot of new information throughout the week placement, not only in the way that an office environment works but also how non-profits work, how programmes receive their funding, and the history of Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers. By visiting the O’Connell Primary School, I witnessed childhood education and how the school helps children learn and grow. Overall, I had a very good experience with the Edmund Rice Development team and I have learned a lot not only about the organisation, but also about myself.

We thank Nicole for her valuable contribution to Edmund Rice Development, and we look forward to utilising her research this funding season. We wish Nicole all the best in her future endeavours.

Intern Nicole Andrews