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New Home for the Edmund Rice Mission Capacity Development Project

Posted on 28 June 2021

New Home for the Capacity Development Project

The Congregation Leadership Team of the Christian Brothers (CLT) and the Board of Directors of Edmund Rice Development (ERD) made a joint decision to transfer the governance of the Capacity Development Project to ERD as of January 1, 2021.

The Capacity Development Project was originally mandated for three years from 2018-2020 and was delivered by the Mission Capacity Support Team (MCST). During this period all parties recognised the need for ongoing Capacity Development for Governors, Mission Coordinators, Programme Managers and Staff of Development Projects across the global Edmund Rice network. The incorporation of governance under ERD ensures continuity of this critical work. This year, ERD will carry out a Strategic Planning process, which will involve all stakeholders and partners in developing an integrated approach to the dual tasks of resourcing development programmes and building capacity of development projects to achieve impact.

The CLT is grateful to those who have been a part of the MCST during the past three years. Strong bonds have developed across the world as the commitment to improvement has grown. The partnership approach that characterised the MCST will continue to be the most critical element of any future progress, where each partner is clear of their own role as well as committed to working in a coordinated manner to ensure the greatest impact in transforming lives.

What’s happening for 2021?

The greatest priority for 2021 identified by the MCST was the need to build capacity in governance. The initial plan for governance training to begin in 2020 was delayed due to the COVID pandemic. In March, we held our first planning meeting with stakeholders in the Edmund Rice Network. The creation of a Steering Group was agreed to lead the process comprising members of the Africa, Latin America and India Governing Bodies. Regional Governance Gatherings with Governing Bodies and Mission Offices will take place in May and June, with trainings on specific topics based on identified needs beginning later this year.

In April, financial consultant Louise O’Rourke held training for project personnel in the Latin American Mission Area. The training built on 2020 in-country training, in line with the revised Mission Finance Manual. The approach also included sessions where projects met one-on-one with Louise to receive guidance on practical issues in their own work, including budget monitoring and forecasting.

The Online Results Based Planning RBM1 course began in April and will run for ten weeks. Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation RBM2 and Managing for Results and Accountability RBM3 are scheduled for the autumn. In-country Training in Africa will be delivered later in 2021, if possible.