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Governance Training in Edmund Rice Mission

Posted on 23 November 2021

The Capacity Development project continues to build the capacity of development projects around the world aiming to enable transformation of the lives of those made poor. In recent months, two Results-Based Management courses were delivered online in partnership with Maynooth University, with 21 participants from ER development projects around the world. Additionally, finance training and mentorship have continued in the Latin America Mission Area and West Africa. Here are some of the other 2021 highlights:

Governance Training 
Through the capacity development project, Mission Coordinators and partners identified an urgent need to build the governance capacity of development projects in 2019 and 2020. lt was found that there was poor understanding of the components of good governance and confusion around the difference between ‘governance’ and ‘management.’ This is an experience shared by many charities in Ireland and across the world as the sector has become more complex and more highly regulated.

Responding to the key challenges, a global vision for governance training was articulated, which aimed to train new Leadership Teams and key personnel in good governance. The capacity development project partnered with Caplor Horizons, a UK-based non-profit, to plan and deliver the governance training. A steering group was established to design and lead the programme, comprising representatives from the Africa Province, the India Province and the Latin America Mission Area (LAMA). The steering group chose the Irish Charities Regulators Six Principles for Good Governance as the framework for the training.


A highly participative training programme is now underway and to date 10 trainings have been delivered for 43 participants in governance or support roles in Africa, India and LAMA. The training approach blends theory with case studies and lively Question and Answer sessions! The Core Governance Trainings have been positively received by the participants, and have led to insightful and thought-provoking discussions on the challenges and possibilities of governance in Edmund Rice Mission.

‘The training was very insightful and relevant to our reality. The task a head is how to make what is learned a reality in our own context.’ – Africa Province participant

‘I have a sense of clarity of the difference between roles of management and governance. The Six Principles of Governance - understanding each in detail was new to me. And I want to make these my benchmarks in my role in Leadership.’ - India Province Participant

The next phase of the governance training programme will support application of the best practices of good governance to the local contexts of the ER development projects. We thank Edmund Rice Foundation Australia and Misean Cara for supporting the Capacity Development project, and specifically the Governance Training programme

India Province Governance Training in October 2021
India Province Governance Training in October 2021