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From Nairobi to Eldoret: ERD's visit to Kenya

Posted on 30 April 2018

Our Project Coordinator Michael Hanly just returned from a two-week visit to Kenya. His trip included a project visit to the Ruben Centre, a monitoring visit to Education for Life (EFL) and attendance at the Mission Capacity Support Team workshop.

The Ruben Centre is located in the Mukuru community in Nairobi, and provides quality education, health, financial and social services to children and families. Michael met various people at the Ruben Centre’s Health Clinic, which initially began in a tin shed in 1992. A new clinic was built in 2003, and since then it offers a range of services, which include: outpatient services, nutrition services, asthma clinic, child welfare clinic, antenatal clinic, cervical/breast cancer screening, laboratory services, TB clinic, dental care, reproductive health and has a well equipped pharmacy.

Michael met various staff members at the Ruben Centre, and witnessed the incredible work happening there. Liz, the Programme Manager, is pictured standing at the entrance of the community clinic. Dr. Zippora is the Director of the Health Centre; she is very important to the health centre and has been supporting the expansion of the maternity services provided at the clinic. Belinda is the HIV Testing Coordinator and Child Protection Officer at the centre, and is pictured showing how they track HIV testing.

Michael then traveled to Eldoret, Kenya to visit the Education for Life (EFL) programme. EFL focuses on offering psycho-social support to people living with HIV and AIDS. The programme aims to empower people with life skills and knowledge to make informed and sustainable decision for a healthy lifestyle. EFL support approximately 450 families, and also supports over 600 orphaned and vulnerable children affected by HIV by providing them with food and assistance with school fees, materials and uniforms.

Michael was able to attend one of the weekly meetings of the Savings Income and Loans Club at EFL. This club is part of the larger economic empowerment activity taking place, and has been a success at EFL. The club provides saving and lending services for essential needs, and for the running of small livelihood enterprises. Michael was also treated to a performance by EFL's nationally award-winning choir.

We thank all those at the Ruben Centre and Education for Life for their hospitality and generosity.

Programme Manager Liz standing at entrance of Ruben Centre's Health Centre
Dr. Zippora, Director of the Health Centre at the Ruben Centre
HIV Testing Coordinator and Child Protection Officer Belinda showing how the Ruben Centre tracks HIV testing
Education for Life choir
Programme Coordinator Michael at Langas informal settlement
Meeting of the Savings Income and Loans Club at Education For Life