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ER Capacity Development Gender Training

Posted on 01 December 2023

As part of the Capacity Development project, ERD has been implementing a gender equality project funded by Misean Cara this year. As part of this initiative, we have been working with consultant Dr. Sumera Jabeen who met with 15 ER development projects to assess the level of gender equality in their organisations and to gauge training needs. Following this engagement, Dr. Sumera prepared an assessment report and Gender Equality framework in line with our partners Edmund Rice Foundation Australia and Misean Cara. We held three sessions to roll-out the assessment to our ER development projects and the ERD board and team.

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Dr. Sumera also gauged training needs and prepared a plan responding to the priority areas. Without exception, all the respondents were keen on doing more to improve the state of gender inequalities in their respective projects. They emphasised the need for a holistic approach that addresses the local culture and context.

“We could do more. We need to do it systematically. One-time talk is not enough. A constant reminder is needed. Women role models can help. We need to include everyone: teachers, parents, communities, boys and girls.” (Interview 3)

Following the roll-out, a training plan was developed with online and in-country options. Online basic and advanced training took place in November over Zoom. The basic Training aimed at enhancing knowledge of key gender concepts, issues and the evolution of approaches in the international development sector to address
gender issues. Advanced Training provided an overview of the international development sector approaches to promoting gender equality, enhanced understanding of the transformative approach to gender equality and offered an introduction to a gender analysis framework. In-country training is planned for Kenya in January 2024 and will focus on a training of trainers programme. This ensures that capacity and expertise is built within the ER network in a sustainable way.

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If you would like any further information about this project, please contact Abigail Carney, Capacity Development and Communications Manager at office@edmundricedevelopment.org. We thank Misean Cara and Edmund Rice Foundation Australia for supporting this capacity building initiative.


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