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COVID Response in Peru

Posted on 28 June 2021

In Lima, Peru, many of the beneficiaries of the Fe y Alegría project are still struggling with the social and economic impacts of the pandemic. While the Fe y Alegría project continues to provide its psycho-social support to students and families remotely, it also has provided material support in the forms of food items, cleaning supplies and technological donations and assistance. This response has met a crucial need and allowed families and pupils to continue their education in such an uncertain time.

Beneficiary Testimonies
‘When the virtual classes began due to the pandemic, we did not have any equipment so that my children could receive their online classes. Thanks to the intervention of the project, I was able to obtain a cell phone. That was a great help so that my children could continue with their distant education. Thanks to private donations, the project has also helped me with food supplies and cleaning materials. This has helped me cope with the pandemic crisis. I don't know what would have happened to my children and my family without the Fe y Alegría project's support. I have received constant support when I felt fear and despair from the pandemic. Talking to the psychologists every day made me feel more relieved; it was a way to alleviate my concerns about my family's situation.’ -Abelina, parent of pupils


‘I am also grateful for all the support the project offered us in times of the pandemic. I have received food baskets, a cell phone for my children to access their online classes, cell phone recharges, and cleaning materials from the project. I have also received constant phone calls from the project to help manage the fear and stress caused by the fear of COVID-19. I am incredibly grateful to the Fe y Alegría project, for all the support it gave us in difficult times. I feel that I have grown as a person and as a mother, now I can better guide my children and support my family.’
–Jeannette, parent of pupils