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Committed to impacting positively on the lives of people made poor

Women’s Empowerment in the Western Cluster, Zambia

Misean Cara included the Western Cluster project in Zambia in their recent evaluation of Women’s Empowerment in Agricultural Settings. The project currently supports 880 beneficiaries through trainings, provision of agricultural inputs and education.

Governance Training in Edmund Rice Mission

Mission Coordinators and partners identified an urgent need to build the governance capacity of Edmund Rice development projects in 2019 and 2020. In response to this, a global vision for governance training was articulated.

Building Capacity in the Latin America Mission Area

Recognising the need to build capacity in international development, six personnel from the Latin America Mission Area enrolled in a seven-month course in 'Design and Management of Social Projects' through the Pontifical Catholic University in Peru.

Facilitating the Voices of Young People at COP26

The Edmund Rice Network actively engaged in climate activism leading up to COP26, the UN’s Climate Change Conference, which took place in November in Glasgow, Scotland.

Checking In with Defensoría Edmundo Rice

Defensoría Edmundo Rice is an NGO committed to the defence and promotion of human rights in Latin America. Despite the pandemic and school closures, the project carried out successful initiatives this year.

Africa Province Strategic Planning

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the Africa Province Mission Office have led the Africa Province Strategic Planning process. From project staff to funding partners, the strategic planning process involved participation from stakeholders from all the world in a collaborative way.

COVID Response in Peru

In Peru, many of the beneficiaries of the Fe y Alegría project are still struggling with the social and economic impacts of the pandemic. While the project continues to provide support to students and families remotely, it also has provided material support to meet a crucial need.

The Ruben Centre continues its COVID response in Mukuru

Over the past year, the Ruben Centre in Nairobi, Kenya has adapted and facilitated several interventions to mitigate the spread of COVID in their community and to promote accurate information on the pandemic.

New Home for the Edmund Rice Mission Capacity Development Project

The Congregation Leadership Team of the Christian Brothers (CLT) and the Board of Directors of Edmund Rice Development (ERD) made a joint decision to transfer the governance of the Capacity Development Project to ERD as of January 1, 2021.