New School extension for St. Ambrose Academy, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Monday, November 23, 2015

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St. Ambrose Academy is a junior secondary school located in the Allentown district of Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital city.  St. Ambrose Academy is one of four secondary schools providing access to education to a growing poor population, with particular focus to marginalised children from low income families living in the Allentown. The school also provides basic facilities such as water, teaching and learning materials, games and sports equipment to the students. This has helped the children in their mental, emotional and physical development.

St. Ambrose Junior Secondary School secured a new four-classroom block thanks to the efforts of the Christian Brothers’ Development Office and funding received by Edmund Rice Development.  This new structure in the school compound will serve to enhance a better quality of teaching and a favourable learning environment.

According to the administration of the Academy, the admission level of students has risen considerably over the past two years. The new four-classroom building will accommodate more students and more office space available for administrative purposes. Naturally parents and community members are grateful for the development as they see it greatly boosting academic excellence in the school

On October 9th St. Ambrose Academy also received eight new desktop computers. It was an exciting moment for the students, and it is hoped that these computers will help to develop and improve knowledge in computer skills for both students and teachers. The teaching staff of Saint Ambrose Junior Secondary School and the pupils are very thankful for the untiring efforts in cementing the academic standard of the school.  We continue to express our sincere thanks to the donors for this much needed and generous support

For the past three years, St. Ambrose Academy also lacked sufficient text books in the library. Recently the Christian Brothers’ Development Office, thanks to funding provided by Edmund Rice Development, presented to the school a large number of text books on all the teaching subject, including:  Mathematics, English Language, Integrated Science, Agriculture, Business Studies, Home Economics, Religious and Moral Education, Social Studies, Physical Health Education, Introductory Technology and French.  The students and teachers of the academy, fully mindful of the old adage “the most powerful weapon one can use to alleviate poverty is through quality education”, have been overwhelmed by this massive development and support from the donor.

Original article by Br. Cornelius Pengnyin

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