Journeying Together

Br. Rohan with a local family in Senanga during one of his visits on the Listening survey

Br. Rohan D’Souza, a member of the new Western Zambia cluster, meets with a local family in Senanga as part of his listening survey

Journeying Together with our brothers and sisters

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Edmund Rice Mission focuses on the liberation of people and communities. Edmund Rice, inspired by Jesus, responded to the marginalised of his time. Today, through compassionate presence and seeking mutual transformation, Edmund Rice Mission promotes human rights and fullness of life for all, especially those made poor.

Eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. Our world today is divided between those who are extremely wealthy and those who suffer from chronic poverty. Sadly the numbers suffering marginalisation and extreme poverty are much greater than those of the wealthy elite.

Deeply aware of the levels of poverty, vulnerability and exclusion in our world, the Brothers have pledged to move to three new areas of great need by 2020 and set up fifteen to twenty new mission communities. These mission communities will live and work within marginalised communities to address the causes of poverty, vulnerability and disregard of human and earth rights, adopting a community engagement approach in line with best practice in development.

Journeying Together is the new programme of change for the Edmund Rice Mission, through compassionate presence, community engagement, walking with communities to empower them and bring about transformation.

The first phase of Journeying Together has seen the start of four new Edmund Rice communities in Western Zambia, a province with immense social problems where three in every four people live in extreme poverty.

Brothers are now living in a new cluster of communities among the people of Mongu, Senanga, Limulunga and Luampa. Here, they are learning more about the reality of people’s lives and the challenges they face. They have been taking lessons in the local language, Silozi and conducting listening surveys and group discussions to identify some of the root causes of problems. In Mongu four of the brothers have even joined the local volleyball team and the 26 members of the team visited the brothers’ hub. Compassionate presence is a distinctive element of Journeying Together: to live, and be in solidarity with the local community, especially those most marginalised. This allows trust to be built and equal relationships to form. In time, brothers and the communities together will seek to develop some responses to these challenges with the ultimate goal of liberating people from poverty, promoting human rights and enabling a better life for all.

The second phase of this journey will see the start of new communities in India, more specifically in the states of Assam and Meghalaya, located in the north-east. The Brothers are currently working on identifying the areas of greatest need within these states.

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